Educelerate US DOE Ed Tech Developer's Tour

Los Angeles, CA - Jul 9

Price: Free

Join Educelerate (@educelerate) as we organize the official Los Angeles stop for the US Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology's National Ed Tech Developer’s Tour!

Educelerate is organizing a panel discussion and workshop hosted at GA Santa Monica to ignite collaboration among entrepreneurs, developers, educators, supporters and students to work together to solve persistent problems in education. Our meetup will feature a member of the US DOE to lead an in-depth discussion of an aspect of the recently released Ed Tech Developer’s Guide.

Our esteemed panelists have been intentionally selected to represent a range of founding stories, including the 15 year old bootstrapped Gaggle, the bootstrapped turned VC backed (and recent exit) Engrade and the angel funded and recent accelerator graduate Formative. More on our speakers follows:

  • Jeff Patterson, founder and CEO of Gaggle, a leading K-12 educational technology company. Jeff, based in LA, has successfully grown Gaggle (based in Bloomington, IL) to more than 70 employees located across the country is a communication system with built-in processes and classroom workflows designed to promote educator and student productivity. The company also provides learning management, professional development, websites, and archiving solutions to hundreds of school districts and millions of users.

    • Bri Holt, founder and former CTO of Engrade, a leading K-12 SaaS platform used by millions of students on a monthly basis. Engrade was bootstrapped by Bri for over 7 years before raising initial funding from some of the leading investors in education such as Rethink Education and then raised a further two rounds of venture capital before being acquired by McGraw-Hill in 2014.

  • Kevin McFarland, co-founder and CFO of Formative, a real-time formative assessment platform and free student response system. A graduate of ImagineK-12, Formative's web-based software (found at allows live data analytics on any homework, classwork or assessment in order to help teachers, parents and schools help their students grow in the moments when it matters most.

    In addition to this (and other) tour stops, the DOE Office of EdTech will also host a series of Google Hangouts highlighting the Guide and expanding the discussion nationwide. Follow @educelerate and #edtechdev for updates as the US DOE comes to LA. 

  • Educelerate US DOE Ed Tech Developer's Tour

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    News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.