Educelerate North--Customer Discovery & Empathy in Education

Saint Paul, MN - May 20 6:00 pm

Price: Free

Seeking edtech customers? Learn how to use empathy to find them!

Successful edtech startups all have one thing in common: they understand their users' needs and are constantly adapting to meet them. During this hands-on design thinking workshop, you'll learn tips and tricks for interviewing users in education.

This workshop is co-sponsored and developed by our friends at the Education Entrepreneurs team at Startup Weekend. The workshop draws upon the design thinking work at IDEO

Facilitator: Seij Takamura (formerly with Startup Weekend)

Speaker: Todd Brekhus, Founder and President, myON, a division of Capstone

Join us for this free workshop. Space is limited, so sign-up now

Educelerate North--Customer Discovery & Empathy in Education

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