Educelerate Chicago: K-12 Teacher Tech Talk

Chicago, IL - Jan 23 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Why has teaching and learning looked practically the same for the last 150 years? Are you curious about ways we can make the process better for students and easier for teachers? Do you want to learn the latest tricks of the trade to make your teaching practice more efficient?

Join the hosts of EdReach's TTT, Learning RedesignED and our friends at ThinkCERCA for in-depth discussion with educators around how to increase collaboration and communication to solve real practical problems in the classroom using technology -- all in in a Green Learning Center by our event hosts DIRTT (Doing it Right This Time).

Anyone with an interest in education and technology is welcome! If you cannot make it in person, join us for a live stream online:

Educelerate Chicago: K-12 Teacher Tech Talk

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