Education Idea Exchange Meetup

New York, NY - Apr 22 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: Free

Education Idea Exchange NYC is a community of Educators, Entrepreneurs, Designers and Developers (as well as other Education Disruptors) who come together to foster innovation and disruption in the education space. This meetup is organized by 4.0 Schools, a nonprofit that brings together a similar community of people experimenting with new ideas in education -- from educators, entrepreneurs and creative technologists to parents and students.

Our Monthly Event 

In the first part of the night, 3-5 members working on an education venture or experiment share their progress, and get* feedback and help from the other meetup members. In the second half of the night, we open the floor for members to share what they can give* or what they need to get* (expertise, connections, feedback, etc).


  • Feedback on your idea / prototype / MVP / venture
  • People excited enough about your idea to join your team
  • Connected to the 4.0 community (and the wider education disruption community in NYC)


  • Your perspective on a problem and a potential solution 
  • Advice (pedagogy, problem validation, customer dev, feedback loops, product, etc)
  • Skills/time to ideas and people that really resonate with you
  • Access to your own network

Education Idea Exchange Meetup

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