Education Empowered Track during Global Startup Battle

Houston, TX - Nov 13 to Nov 23, 2014

$51 to $250

Ever had an idea to improve education? Attend a Startup Weekend event in one of 250 cities around the world during Nov 13-23 to receive startup mentoring & win prizes to help you turn your idea into a growing edtech startup. Your Global Startup Battle experience begins at a Startup Weekend event taking place during the 10-day span of November 13th-23rd). Dispersed throughout the world, these events welcome anyone and everyone to dabble in the world of entrepreneurship and work as a team to build an innovating new product and startup. Startup Weekend is known as the weekend-long experiential learning event that helps people turn their idea into a startup in less than 54 hours. The motto is No Talk, All Action, so if you have an idea that you want to pitch, or a desire to contribute your skills and ideas to an existing team, be sure to sign up to participate, before spots run out. Anyone participating in a Startup Weekend event during GSB, who builds a new edtech startup over the weekend, is eligible to participate in the Education, Empowered Track.