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EdSurge Live: How to Bring 'Viewpoint Diversity' to the Academy

Online Jun 25 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Price: Free

There’s a growing call for diversity on campus. And it’s not all about demographics—there’s a new push toward making classrooms inviting to a diversity of political viewpoints.

Some professors and campuses are now working to encourage more open dialogue in class and campus discussions. They’re doing things like asking students to take online trainings that encourage them to seek out diverse perspectives. But in today’s highly polarized political climate, campus debates sometimes turn ugly, posing challenges for college administrators and professors.

What can colleges and professors do to address the issue of viewpoint diversity?

We’ll talk with Debra Mashek, executive director of Heterodox Academy, a nonpartisan nonprofit started by professors “committed to enhancing the quality and impact of research—and improving education—by promoting open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning.”

Hear examples of what colleges and professors are trying in their classrooms, and bring your questions.

EdSurge Live: How to Bring 'Viewpoint Diversity' to the Academy

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