EdRev 2014

San Francisco, CA - May 3 8:45 am to 4:00 pm

Price: $51 to $250

Join Parents Education Network (PEN) to celebrate the sixth annual Education Revolution, EdRev 2014. Now in its eleventh year, PEN is a coalition of parents collaborating with educators, students and the community to empower and bring academic and life success to students with learning and attention differences. PEN is proud to offer this special day for parents, teachers and students, a day dedicated to understanding each child’s individuality in learning as the basis for creating new educational environments.

EdRev, conceived of and brought to life by PEN in 2009, provides a unique day of interaction among students, parents and educators, exploring ways to create new educational environments that fit the individual, instead of making the individual fit the environment. Everyone learns in a different and unique way; learning environments where this is appreciated and supported are the key to successful learning.

Come join the movement that is dedicated to helping you implement the radical new science of the individual in your home and classroom.

Parents, educators and students can discover together that each of us has a learning profile that is all our own. We aim to spread this vision through community awareness.

EdRev 2014 will be a place in which to experience :

  • Interaction: engage with a whole community of parents, educators and students who have struggled with making rote learning work and who believe that the key to learning lies in understanding the individual.
  • Understanding: discover how the learning environments of tomorrow will nurture the potential of individual learners in pursuing their passions and talents and what you can do to ensure that this becomes a reality.
  • New information: Hear renowned speakers who work on this cutting edge of science, technology and education

EdRev brings you:

  • The latest technology that supports learning
  • A wide range of informative, relevant workshops
  • Music and outdoor activities for students
  • Over 100 exhibitors in the School and Career FairTesting and Solution Center, and the Community Corner.
  • Student Art Gallery and hands-on activities in the Creativity Unleashed! section

Learn how to take the first step to introduce the concept of variability and the cutting edge science of the individual in your home and school.

EdRev 2014

News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.
News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.