Ed Tech Pittsburgh Meetup - Open Forum

Pittsburgh, PA - Sep 8 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Price: Free

In association with the Thrival Innovation Festival, we invite educators and technology developers in the Pittsburgh area to discuss education, network, and learn about ed tech being developed in the Steel City.

Those working in education (teachers, administrators, staff and students working in formal and informal spaces in the local community) will benefit from learning what technologies are being created for their interests. They'll participate by speaking freely to others in the community about issues that may have technological solutions, offering feedback for projects and they will vote on the best team in the Open Forum to win the prize.

Technologists (engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and students) can share their work with educators. They will discuss their projects throughout the event to gain understanding of the practical use of technology in classrooms and other learning spaces.

Ed tech team will pitch and demo their concepts and a winner will be decided by popular vote.

Ed Tech Pittsburgh Meetup - Open Forum

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