Creating Global Branded Online Learning Community and Mobile App

Cary, NC - Feb 16 6:00 pm

Price: Free

Creating a Global Online Learning & Training Community and Mobile App: You can create a learning website, content and publish a mobile learning app without getting into software programming, scripting and software/hardware infrastructure management. You can begin to focus on creating the right learning content for your audience and scale up your business.

Maybe you're not offering online courses yet or maybe you’re are looking to upgrade your current system to personalize learning or provide blended learning programs that combine virtual classroom with self-paced learning.

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In this session we’ll explore delivering instruction in variety of learning modes and blending or combining them and personalizing the sequence for maximum impact.

  • Interactive and media rich eLearning courses
  • Assessments, quizzes or tests
  • Discussion forums
  • Documents management
  • Audio, Video based learning
  • Surveys
  • Events and Web Conferences
  • eBooks
  • Certification
  • Learning Objectives
  • Understand the key systems, integrated eCommerce, and components needed for establishing an online website to deliver online learning
  • Combine formal learning with social and informal learning
  • Engage withy our audience and involve them in content creation
  • Discover ways to create Mobile Native Learning App to access learning
  • Deliver personalization rules within your learning programs
  • Learning Analytics
  • Creating Global Branded Online Learning Community and Mobile App

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