Create Bravely

Lakewood, CO - Jun 23 8:30 am to 12:00 pm

Price: $1 to $50

This unique half-day session is designed for educators of all levels, and is the perfect opportunity for individuals to reset after a long school year, and a great way to recharge for the coming school year. Learn important strategies that enable you to use creativity not only as a means to engage your learners, but as a beneficial embodiment for you as well.

Peter and Paul Reynolds, mindSpark Learning and FableVision Learning will deliver a message focused on: learning for the sake of discovery. Creating bravely is about having the courage to challenge your environment, and find new ways to learn that go beyond traditional thinking and curricula. Create Bravely focuses on providing learners of all levels with the confidence to attempt the unexpected, and accept that failure is a part of the creative process -- that it is okay to fail -- and that failure should even be celebrated. By failing, learners grow, find solutions and ultimately discover the ability to do things they previously thought were impossible.

Participants will work together to create strategies that help them tap into their own creativity and use it as an implementable tool that engages their learners with deeper learning. They will also have the opportunity to use and interact with some of the tools FableVision Learning has to offer, such as Fab@School Maker Studio and Animation-ish. Finally, participants will leave the event with strategies learned throughout the morning, and discover creative and implementable solutions for next school year, their daily life and beyond.

When: Friday June 23, 8:30am-12:00pm

Where: thinkSpace (455 South Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80226)

Cost: $35 (includes continental breakfast)

Create Bravely

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