COSN 2016

Washington, DC - Apr 4 8:00 am to Apr 7, 2016 7:00 pm

Price: more than $250

The 2016 CoSN Annual Conference is organized around three Focus Areas:

Ubiquity and Access: How do we ensure that all learners can truly be “continuously connected” both in school and outside?

  • What new strategies can we adopt to help ensure equity through technology access in our schools?
  • How do we ensure broadband connectivity for learning that bridges learning at school and beyond?
  • What are the strategies that can be employed to extend connected learning in low access areas and non-connected homes?
  • How do we find the funding needed to be continuously connected?
  • What access is required for learning (education broadband) and what should be left to families or the community (non-education broadband use, i.e. consumer use)?

Vision & Leadership: How do we as leaders cope with complexity of constant connectivity as the new norm?

  • How can we build a district culture with the flexibility and vision to successfully accomplish the digital leap?
  • What models of professional development can help us meet new demands?
  • How do our schools remain relevant and support learning with minimized barriers?
  • How does the shift toward online and hybrid learning impact the evolution of education?
  • How should we leverage technology to personalize learning?
  • How can schools partner with non-educational entities in their community to gain the momentum to minimize barriers to e-learning for all students?

Pioneering Innovation: How do we create educational eco-systems for continual improvement?

  • What structures can help prevent silos in your district’s leadership and promote a spirit of coordination for your move away from analog to more digital learning?
  • How can technology enable the learning by doing maker movement?
  • How do we ignite a Renaissance for learning that is multidisciplinary and allows the learner to pursue his or her passions?

COSN 2016

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News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.