Code Oakland Screening at ASU GSV Summit

San Diego, CA - Apr 20 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Price: Free

Join Kelly Amis, Founder and President of Loudspeaker Films, for a special screening and discussion of the TEACHED short film Code Oakland, which examines efforts by social entrepreneurs to ensure that youth of color not be left on the sidelines as Silicon Valley spreads across the Bay and into one of the most diverse cities in America. Featuring Kalimah Priforce, founder of Qeyno Labs; Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code; and Van Jones, CNN Commentator and founder of #YesWeCode, this 20-minute, award-winning* film reveals what happens when technology and transcendence meet. Is Silicon Valley about to be hacked? What’s “Oaklandish” and why should you be? These questions and more will be discussed in a post-screening Q&A with Amis, who moved her company to Oakland after making the film.

*Film Festival Awards: Harlem International: Best Short Documentary; Humboldt International: Best Documentary; Canada International: Rising Star Director’s Award; (In)Justice for All: Audience Award & Social Impact Award; Napa Valley: Jury Awarded Honorable Mention; Houston: Bronze Remi Award for Social & Economic Issues.

The screening is at Bayside Theater at 3pm on 4/20

Watch the trailer below 

Code Oakland Screening at ASU GSV Summit

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