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Build Your Developer Superteam

Victoria, Canada - Nov 9 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Price: Free

In today's competitive job market, successful companies need to incorporate effective hiring and training plans as part of their growth. With an influx of Jr. Developers in the market, this can be a great talent pool to take advantage of. What most don't realize is that building a solid and effective training program will not only contribute to your employees' engagement, but also save you time - and costs - when it comes to hiring and building a successful team!

Moderated by Lighthouse Labs, our panel of industry professionals and engineering leads will share insights with both employers and tech professionals on their tried and true strategies to onboarding junior talent and nurturing their growth to be effective contributors, while building a pipeline of key top-notch talent to take on future senior roles.

Build Your Developer Superteam

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