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Bootcamp Prep in a Week at Fullstack Academy

Manhattan Community Board 1, New York Jul 20 10:00 am to Jul 28, 2019 5:00 pm - Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Price: $51 to $250

Why Bootcamp Prep?

Whether you’re trying to get into a coding bootcamp or just learning JavaScript on your own, this Fullstack Academy Bootcamp Prep In a Week course is exactly what you’re looking for.

Students who take it are 2.5 times more likely to get into a rigorous coding bootcamp like Fullstack Academy or the all-women’s Grace Hopper Program than those who don’t, and if you complete 90% of the program (7 of 8 class meetings) you will be refunded everything you paid. (Your Bootcamp Prep confirmation email will include a link to full refund details.)

What’s more, Bootcamp Prep In a Week culminates in a special a risk-free assessment offered only to Bootcamp Prep students.

If you pass, you may submit that assessment to our Admissions department as your official Fullstack Academy or Grace Hopper Program assessment and skip straight to the next phase of the admissions process (the technical interview). If you don’t pass, you won’t be penalized in any way. All applicants have two chances to pass our admissions process, and the risk-free assessment does not count as one of those chances.

How It Works

Bootcamp Prep In a Week classes are held over the course of a single week on the Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program campus in lower Manhattan. The schedule is as follows:

  • Opening weekend // Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 5pm ET
  • Weekday evenings // Monday - Thursday, 6:40pm - 9:40pm ET
  • Closing weekend // Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 5pm ET
  • Any classes that fall on holidays or are cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled.

    Attendance is taken daily via our learning management system. The course delivers a total of 36 hours of classroom work over 8 class meetings. A link to the risk-free assessment is sent to students following the final class meeting of the course.

    What You’ll Learn

    The JavaScript-oriented Bootcamp Prep In a Week course is taught by Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program graduates now working full-time as developers, who can share their experiences and will give you a feel for the vibe here.

    The curriculum for Bootcamp Prep includes lectures, workshops, pair programming, coding challenges, and a culminating project--many of the same elements you’ll find in our immersive programs, which is why Bootcamp Prep is great practice for ultimately enrolling in a coding bootcamp.

    Along the way, you’ll explore the following JavaScript concepts:

    • Nested loops
    • Nested conditional statements
    • Test specs (Jasmine)
    • Objects
    • API’s
    • JSON
    • How the web works
    • The call stack
    • Recursion
    • Functions
    • Scope

    What to Know Beforehand

    Bootcamp Prep In a Week is a great option for those who are already comfortable with the fundamentals of JavaScript but want to take a refresher course before applying to a coding bootcamp.*

    Once you sign up for Bootcamp Prep, you’ll receive access to about 10 hours of pre-work, so you can get familiar with some of the coding concepts we’ll touch on before you jump into class. This work is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

    Finally, you’ll need to bring a laptop with you to every class (Mac is preferred, but Windows is fine). Monitors will be provided.

    And that’s Bootcamp Prep In a Week! Ready? Sign up today, and we’ll see you in class. (Or send an email to bootcampprep@fullstackacademy.comwith any lingering questions.)

    *If you consider yourself a beginner, we recommend starting with our JavaScript 101 class, instead of Bootcamp Prep.

    Bootcamp Prep in a Week at Fullstack Academy

    Fullstack Academy
    5 Hanover Square
    Manhattan Community Board 1, New York

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