Augmenting Personal Intelligence

Stanford, CA - May 17 9:00 am all day

Price: $51 to $250

Join us on Tuesday, May 17th when speakers, presentations, panels and prototypes will unpack the concepts, present recent research, and explore the future of augmenting personal intelligence – with applications to learning, business and entertainment. Keynote presentations at the #mediaX2016 Conference will delve into Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Experiences, and the Science of Memory.

Knowing how to learn quickly is a competitive advantage in the knowledge economy. The organizations that will prevail in the current transformation are those whose employees can learn fastest and make the best decisions. At all ages, learning readiness is influenced by technological familiarity and fluency. Our hope for solving the seemingly intractable global problems includes an optimistic outlook on the partnership between artificial intelligence and human intelligence – person by person.

The conference features Stanford Faculty, Roy Pea, Ashish Goel, Susan Athey, James Fishkin, Candace Thille, Maneesh Agrawala, and Anthony Wagner. You'll also hear from leading executives at Konica Minolta, Cigna, Cisco, Fujitsu and Xerox

A.I. Expert Neil Jacobstein and VR Expert Andrew Wasserman will speak on the importance of these technologies in this new frontier. Active Learning expert, Esther Wojcicki will also present along with Staff Attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, Haben Girma and Catalin Voss, the founder of Sension an expression recognition software used in education and for developing a Google Glass app to aid people with Autism.

Augmenting Personal Intelligence

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