4th Annual EdTech Titans of Industry

New York, NY - Nov 10 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Price: $1 to $50

2015 is coming to close, and we're excited to wrap the year’s programming with an awesome Titan event.

Join us to hear EdTech thought leaders reflect on 2015 and where the action will be next year. Will the current level of investment remain sustainable? Is EdTech adequately pushing the limits on educational outcomes? Which learners are experiencing the greatest impact and why? Is it possible for edtech startups to really balance social impact with profitablity?

Come along for a night of great networking, drinking and learning!


- Chip Paucek, 2U's Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. 2U partners with leading colleges and universities to deliver online degree programs so students everywhere can reach their full potential.

- Dave Balter, Head of Transactions at Pluralsight, a leader in online training for technology and creative professionals. Previously, Dave was the CEO and co-founder of Smarterer, a skills assessment company acquired by Pluralsight in Nov 2014.

- Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner of GSV Advisors and co-host of the ASU GSV Summit. The Summit, now in its seventh year, and attended by over 2,700 people, celebrates innovations and innovators across the talent and education landscape from early childhood to lifelong learning. Deborah also currently serves on the board of Degreed and (NASDAQ: WWWW).

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    4th Annual EdTech Titans of Industry

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    News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.