2015 Student Technology Conference

Online - Jan 31 9:00 am all day

Price: Free

The 2015 Student Technology Conference provides an international forum for the presentation, discussion and sharing of education technology best practices in schools and other academic settings.  This conference, by students and for all, is committed to:

  • Fostering a better understanding of how students use technology in education and to engage students, teacher and administrators in a conversation about technology.
  • Assisting teachers and administrators in understanding how students use technology both in and out of the classroom.
  • Strengthening the relationship between students, teachers and administrators about technology in the classroom.

The conference will have the following strands:

  • Making, Design, Innovation and 3D Printing
  • School Technology Clubs
  • Technology in Schools: Projects and Collaborations
  • Educational Tools
  • Students and Social Media
  • Entrepreneurship

All of the presentations and keynote will be by students.  The call for proposals is now open on the conference website: studenttechnologyconference.com

2015 Student Technology Conference

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