2015 Blended Learning Summit at Saint Anne School

Santa Monica, CA - Feb 10

Price: Free

2015 Blended Learning Summit at Saint Anne School

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 8:30 am until 2:00 pm Summit 

Objective: To continue the conversation and learning among educators and experts regarding blended learning as a paradigm shift in education, and to begin to map the landscape of blended learning across school systems and the future of leadership and professional development in Blended Learning in institutions of higher learning in California, Saint Anne School will host a Los Angeles Blended Learning Summit on its campus on February 10, 2015. 

Saint Anne School as a Pioneering Catholic School Blended Learning Site 

In June of 2013, Saint Anne School was selected from a national pool of applicants to become the first Catholic elementary school in Los Angeles to fully implement blended learning as a part of Seton Education Partners' expansion of its Phaedrus Blended Learning Initiative to Los Angeles. Saint Anne School’s selection occurred after over a year of research, planning and fundraising by the school principal and its administrators. In the spring of 2013, The Riordan Foundation hosted a Blended Learning Bus Tour, with stops on that tour at KIPP Empower and The Alliance for College-Ready Public School’s Sonia Sotomayor campuses. Saint Anne School had hoped to become the first Catholic school to be included on the 2013 Blended Learning Bus. However, when The Riordan Foundation elected not to host a repeat of the Blended Learning Bus Tour, Saint Anne School decided to host a the 2014 Blended Learning Summit, adding Catholic schools to the discussion on Blended Learning in Los Angeles. 

The Success of the 2014 Blended Learning Summit 

Last February, Saint Anne School hosted the first annual Blended Learning Summit, for the first time bringing together, Catholic schools and foundation engaged in and funding blended learning with charter school, independent schools and experts from the blended learning community and university communities. 

The Summit included panels on blended learning classroom models, strategies for training blended learning teachers, and infrastructure and funding needs for launching blended learning. Keynote speakers included Ambassador Frank Baxter of The Alliance for College Ready Public Schools and Scott W. Hamilton, co-founder of KIPP Empower and principal at Circumventure and Seton Education Partners. The event was tweeted live and during the event #blendedlearning trended on Twitter. 

2014 Summit Participants

• Dr. Kevin Baxter, Superintendent of Elementary Schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles • John Reyes, Director of Education Technology, Archdiocese of Los Angeles • Scott W. Hamilton, Co-Founder of the KIPP schools & Seton Education Partners • Ambassador Frank Baxter, Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools • Jonathan Tiongco, Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools • Liz Arney, Director of Innovative Learning, Aspire Public Schools • Matthew Peskay, Director of Technology and Innovation, KIPP LA • Oliver Sicat, President and CEO of Ednovate/USC Hybrid High School • Dr. Devery Rodgers, Instructor of Educational Technology, Mount St. Mary's College • Kathleen Ash, Associate Dean of Business Affairs, Loyola Marymount University • Shannon Tabaldo, Instructional Design, Loyola Marymount University • Kelly Surapaneni, ACE Consulting, University of Notre Dame • Frank Kozakowski, Principal, Loyola High School, Los Angeles • Keara Duggan, Education Elements • Matt Bowman, Founder EdSurge • Jim O'Brien, President, The O'Brien Group • Sr. Rosemarie Nassif, The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation • Mary Christian, Program Officer, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation • Nina Shepherd, The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation • Russ Altenburg, The Broad Education Foundation • Joe Womac, Executive Director, Specialty Family Foundation • Dan O’Melveny, The John and Dorothy Shea Foundation • Carrie Shea Tilton, Coucil of Advisors, Specialty Family Foundation • Stephanie Saroki de Garcia, Seton Education Partners • Jeff Kerscher, Director, Phaedrus Blended Learning Initiative, Seton Education Partners • Jaime Kalenik, The Riordan Foundation • Bob Riddle, Head of School and Paul Way, Upper School Technology Coordinator, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences • Dee Menzies, Head of School, Tim Kusserow, Principal, Carlthorp School • Stuart Work, Head of School, St. Matthew’s Parish School 

The Program for the 2015 Blended Learning Summit Building upon the success of the 2014 Blended Learning Summit, the 2015 Summit will involved an ambitious module rotation program in which Summit attendees rotate through learning modules similar to the way in which students experience a blended learning school or classroom. 

This year’s modules will be: i) Distributed Leadership, Professional Learning Communities; and Innovation. In the Innovation module participants will experience a rotation within a rotation, receiving a demonstration of direct instruction in mathematics followed by a hands-on, on-line blended learning lesson. Participants will include Archdiocese of San Jose Superintendent Kathy Amazol of the Drexel Initiative schools, Santa Clara University Academy of Blended Learning faculty, Shannon Tabaldo, Professor of Educational Technology at Loyola Marymount University, Oliver Sicat of Ednovate’s USC Hybrid High, Jonathan Tiongco of The Alliance for College Ready Public Schools and several representatives of foundations engaged in supporting blended and personalized digital learning learning models.

2015 Blended Learning Summit at Saint Anne School

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